Cross Country

For any terrain with the perfect balance of comfort and performance. Travel rough forest to fireroads to paved paths. Ready for all riders.



Versatile and persistence. Built for terrain toughness. Provides better control and greater stability riding any hills, flows and declines.


All Mountain Enduro

Intended to complement steep climbs and descents. Handle uphill like a champion, travel down like there is no tomorrow. Boost confidence to ride any technically demanding trails with more power.



Designed for maximum control and the fastest ride down. Offering an edge during intense minutes racing downhill or in a friendly competition. Delivers peak performance and confidence for any spirited riders.


Patrol Mountain Bike - North America

Patrol Mountain Downhill 871

Gnarly and fast. Downhill, here we come! 

Patrol Mountain Enduro 671

Fun, powerful, yet provide maximum control. 

Patrol Mountain Bikes

Various Patrol Mountain bikes. Feel Different, Feel the mountain, It's #puremountain

Patrol Mountain XC

07 series offers 27.5" hardtails, available in 29" as well.